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North Cyprus Hiking

Hiking with Leon

The Kyrenia mountain range is a beautifully picturesque aspect of this wonderful island which I have enjoyed exploring for several years.

Encompassed by the deeply profound energy of nature you can enjoy the wonderful scent of pine forests, various wild flora and stunning views of the Islands’ landscape, which are truly a sight to behold. Make sure your phones and cameras are fully charged.

Our guided hikes on the ‘Baspinar trail’ have been traversed by various civilisations thought to date back to the Mycenaeans around the 15th century B.C. If you know where to look you will be able to spot evidence of the ancient history of this very special island.

The trails are suitable for most people with an average level of fitness and ability to walk for up to 3 hours along a gently inclining rugged path, with a few breaks for photos, water and meditation. The meditations will be short and easy to follow with a focus on stress relief and enhancing your sense of wellbeing using simple breathing and visualisation techniques. So whether you have meditated before or it will be your first time you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of this.

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